Help Save the Macaws with Two Weeks in Costa Rica

The ARA Project Must Relocate Their Facility

Two Weeks in Costa Rica is donating all book proceeds between December 1st and 7th to this important cause.


Scarlet Macaws Picture
Photo Credit: The ARA Project


For over 20 years, the ARA Project has been successfully breeding and releasing rare parrots in Costa Rica. Between 1999 and 2012, over 80 Scarlet Macaws have been released, with survival rates close to 90% and successful reproduction. In 2011, they were also the first to reintroduce Great Green Macaws into the wild. Both species are in decline, making ARA’s work more important than ever.

The project, however, is in jeopardy and needs your help. The owner of the land where the facility is located has sold the property and is evicting ARA in 30 days. Relocating 200+ birds isn’t going to be easy. A generous donor has come forward and provided the Project with an empty lot, but a new facility must be constructed—and fast.

To help out, Two Weeks in Costa Rica is donating all profits from its book sales from December 1-7 directly to the cause.

You can also make donations directly to the ARA Project through their website:

Thanks for your support!
-Matt & Jenn

Post by: Jennifer Turnbull-Houde & Matthew Houde



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