Answer for Zika

UPDATE: Since responding to this question, we’ve written an entire blog post dedicated to the Zika and how to protect yourself against mosquito-borne illnesses. Here’s the link:
Hi DS, We know it’s a big worry, but the chances of you contracting the Zika virus, or any mosquito-borne illness, during your short stay in Costa Rica are pretty slim. We’ve been here for 2.5 years and have lived all around the country and have never gotten sick (knock on wood). And Jenn is really susceptible to bug bites. If it makes you feel any better, Costa Rica has had only 1 case of Zika so far and the person contracted it while in Colombia, so not from a mosquito in CR. Try not to worry too much and just lather on the bug spray. The repellents that we’ve found work best for us here are Repel Lemon-Eucalyptus spray and doTERRA Terra Shield. These are more natural options but Deet works well too. Long pants are also a good idea for hiking, walking, etc. if you want to double up on protection.