Answer for Will we need 4×4 traveling the last week of June first week of July in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area?

Hi Tracie,
4×4: You won’t need 4×4 in Manuel Antonio/Quepos unless you plan on exploring. All the main roads in the area are well paved. If you have activities planned in the mountains north of MA or in Dominical/Uvita though, you might want to have it then, but it’s really not necessary if you’re sticking to the main area of town.
Suburban: I don’t think any of the rental car companies in Costa Rica have Suburbans. What we usually recommend instead to our clients is a Toyota Prado (7 passenger) or a mini-van. Adobe (the company through our rental car link) has both of these types of cars if you pick up from the airport in San Jose and from some other locations too. Let us know if you need any help on the rental.
Escape Villas: We’ve never heard of Escape Villas but they seem well established.


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