Answer for Tour of Nauyaca Falls

Hi aayee,
We haven’t been to Brisas del Nara or Tocori so it’s hard for us to compare, but judging by the pictures, the Nauyaca look a lot bigger. They really are spectacular in real life (one of our favorites) so we’d say go with the Nauyaca if you’re picking just one. The extra $150 for transport is a lot, though, and seems high for the short 45 min. trip. We’d say to rent a car to save some money because the drive really isn’t that bad. From Manuel Antonio to the Don Lulo office, it’s all smooth paved highway that’s relatively flat. You could probably even not get a 4×4 if you’re planning to do the horseback tour, which would be cheaper. The office is right on the main road- if you were hiking, you would need to drive to the trailhead (4×4 required), but they should be able to get you down there as part of the tour. Using our Car Rental Discount you could rent a compact car for a day from the Quepos location for as little as $33 including mandatory insurance. 

If you’re really not comfortable driving, we also have a contact for a taxi driver out of Dominical with a van and could get you a quote if you want.

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