Answer for How to receive mail packages in Costa Rica

Hi Erica,
Congrats on your upcoming move- that’s very exciting! Here’s the scoop on getting mail. If you’re planning to move to Uvita, your best bet is probably to get a PO Box since it’s a more rural area and getting mail deliveries at home can be tricky. There isn’t a post office in Uvita but the Uvita Info Center right off the highway does rent out PO boxes for around $10/month. Other than that, the next closest towns with a post office (Correos de Costa Rica) are Quepos and San Isidro del General (both about 45 min. away). We have a PO Box in Quepos since we do errands there a lot and it has worked out great. I think it was about $30 for 6 months. Once you have a PO box set up, you can receive packages. Keep in mind that anything coming from outside the country goes through customs so either the sender or you might have to pay customs duties. If you buy something through Amazon and some other companies (easiest thing we’ve found), they take care of the customs when you order (you prepay it) but if it’s a package from friends and family, it could get flagged and sent to customs in Puntarenas, where you’ll have to go pay to pick it up. There are also companies located in Florida (Aerocasillas, etc.) that can receive packages for you in the US and send them over on a cargo container and deal with all the customs stuff, and there’s a guy in the Uvita- Get It There Jerry- that does something similar, I think on a monthly basis. We’ve found buying stuff off Amazon to be the easiest for us so haven’t tried the other ways, but I know others like using Jerry and Aerocasillas. That’s a lot of detail but it’s a little complicated…

Hope that helps!