A Canopy Zip-line Tour in Costa Rica

Looking for adventure on your trip to Costa Rica? Try a canopy zip-line tour.

Canopy or zip-line tours can be found throughout Costa Rica—in the cloud forest, near volcanoes, or a short drive from the beach. Each one is different, but they all feature a long metal cable stretching high above the rainforest floor.

Zip lining Costa Rica Picture

Fitted with a helmet, gloves, and body harness, you will be connected to the thick wire braid suspended in the treetops. On the count of three, lift your legs and fly. From platform to platform, tree to tree, you will get a bird’s eye view of the jungle while your heart races.

Once you open your eyes again, you will see how fun it is. The views are spectacular, and speeding through the air is truly exhilarating.

Getting comfortable? Try the upside-down Spiderman pose or the classic “no hands.” Some tours also offer other exciting stunts between runs, like rappelling or Tarzan swings.

Zip lining in Costa Rica Picture

Nervous? Don’t worry, experienced guides will make you feel safe and secure. For more peace of mind, know that the Costa Rican government highly regulates and inspects these operations to ensure safety.

So if you’re ready for some excitement and want the same view the toucans have, strap in and fly. We did, and had a blast!

Please share your experience zip-lining, where you were and how it was.

Post by: Jennifer Turnbull-Houde & Matthew Houde


  1. I went zip-lining over tropical gulches on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was pouring the entire time, but my sister in lawn and I still had a great time! Trick for zip-lining in the rain: go backwards! Then you won’t feel those raindrops pelting you in the face and actually be able to see the stunning views. It’s just a little freaky when it comes to the end of the line.

  2. Miriam,
    Going backwards in the rain is great advice, especially for Costa Rica where it rains a lot! Thanks for your comment, we hope your next zip-line adventure is in CR!
    -Matt & Jenn

  3. We went zipping near Osa Mountain Village south of Uvita. Fourteen platforms and two “Tarzan” ropes at the end. Awesome trip.

    1. Casey, sounds like a great setup. Jenn and I will have to check that one out. Thanks for your comment. Pura Vida!

  4. First off, loving your “one week in costa rica” — so helpful in trying to plan my vaca!! and i totally plan to buy your book. Ive always wanted to do ziplining — can you recommend a place? Should we do this in the Manuel Antonio area? Any specific guide recommends? Thx!

    1. Hi Abby, glad you are finding our One Week Itinerary helpful. And thanks for buying our book! Manuel Antonio is a great place to go zip-lining. There are lots of good tour companies but we absolutely loved our experience with Canopy Safari. The guides were really fun and extremely knowledgeable about the rainforest. They take you into the mountains about a half-hour from MA–the views are spectacular. As part of the tour, you do some rappelling too. Highly recommended. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  5. Can you recommend a good zip line place in Guanacaste? We are staying at the Rio Perdido and going in mid-July. We are also spending a few days at Andiz at Peninsula Papagallo Thanks.

    1. Hi Wayne, The Rio Perdido has a cool zip line that goes over the canyon/river. Or from the Andaz, you could do the zip line at Hacienda Guacipelin. Theirs is really fun.

  6. Hi! We are deciding between zip lining in Arenal/Monteverde or Manual Antonio. We have a car. What would be your top recommendation??

    1. Hi Alice, They are all good choices but slightly different so it depends on the experience you are looking for. Arenal has more extreme lines that go faster and are higher up. Monteverde has a facility with lines that go between the trees so get you a nice view of the cloud forest. The pace for those is a little slower but still really fun. The company that we recommend in Manuel Antonio takes you out into the countryside and has a really fun tour through the rainforest, with a mix of lines. Let us know if you’d like us to email you with tour recommendations. We’d be happy to help you book something.

      1. Hi yes please send your recommendations for the zip lining (and any other tour recommendations in Monteverde and Manuel Antonio) I’m traveling with my 2 teens. your website is the best one we’be seen. Very grateful thank you!!

  7. I would love some suggestions for zip lining in MA. We will be in CR from May 21-May 28 and are staying in JACO, with a car. Very Excited

  8. Hello- Your site & blogs have been super helpful to me with planning our first trip to Costa Rica. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations you have for a zip-line tour (never been!) and guided tour for National Park. We will be in Manuel Antonio for 6 days.

    Thank you!!!!!

  9. Your website is a great find! Thank You for your insights, pictures and helpful information. My family of 10 are headed to Costa Rica over Thanksgiving. We will be staying in Jaco. We are interested in zip lining, hiking to waterfalls and snorkeling. Could you suggest your favorites? We have rental cars, so we can drive to our destinations. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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