A Canopy Zip-line Tour in Costa Rica

Looking for adventure on your trip to Costa Rica? Try a canopy zip-line tour.

Canopy or zip-line tours can be found throughout Costa Rica—in the cloud forest, near volcanoes, or a short drive from the beach. Each one is different, but they all feature a long metal cable stretching high above the rainforest floor.

Zip lining Costa Rica Picture

Fitted with a helmet, gloves, and body harness, you will be connected to the thick wire braid suspended in the treetops. On the count of three, lift your legs and fly. From platform to platform, tree to tree, you will get a bird’s eye view of the jungle while your heart races.

Once you open your eyes again, you will see how fun it is. The views are spectacular, and speeding through the air is truly exhilarating.

Getting comfortable? Try the upside-down Spiderman pose or the classic “no hands.” Some tours also offer other exciting stunts between runs, like rappelling or Tarzan swings.

Zip lining in Costa Rica Picture

Nervous? Don’t worry, experienced guides will make you feel safe and secure. For more peace of mind, know that the Costa Rican government highly regulates and inspects these operations to ensure safety.

So if you’re ready for some excitement and want the same view the toucans have, strap in and fly. We did, and had a blast!

Please share your experience zip-lining, where you were and how it was.

Post by: Jennifer Turnbull-Houde & Matthew Houde

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