365 Days in Costa Rica [VIDEO]

We took over 5,000 photos during our first year in Costa Rica and used them to create this video. We journeyed across the country, living in eight towns and visiting so many amazing beaches, waterfalls, and parks. Check it out for a glimpse of pura vida through our eyes.

And in case you missed it, also check out our written post all about Our First Year in Costa Rica.

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    1. LOL! We do still enjoy watching it even though we’ve seen it about a thousand times. What will be really cool is to look back in ten years and remember all the memories. Thanks for watching!

  1. That sunset at 4:15 (i think thats where I paused it) is perfect. I think that living in multiple cities is the best way to feel the pulse of the city. Bravo for making the plunge!

  2. Loved your video! Costa Rica was our first trip together and we fell in love. Can’t wait to get back one day and explore some of the areas we missed the first time! I loved watching the leaf cutter ants when we were there. And those giant bugs are insane!! I loved all the frog photos you had in the video. Oh, and the beaches, waterfalls, wildlife, nature… sigh… Can come move in with you? 😉

    1. Sounds like you have a special connection with CR. You’ll have to come back for an anniversary or something. The wildlife and bugs are crazy cool, huh? Seeing monkeys and stuff never gets old. I think I’ll always love it!

    1. Thanks Christa. The coffee is amazing- we actually visited a coffee farm but couldn’t put everything in the video, of course. When we first started, it was over 10 minutes long!

  3. “We’re Matt & Jenn, a couple from Boston who quit our jobs to pursue a dream of living in Costa Rica.”….You have done what a lot of people we would like to do but we aren´t brave enough. Congratulations. Keep going with your dream.

    1. Very cool that you got married in Manuel Antonio, Carmen, small world! We absolutely love it there. It’s where we first fell in love with CR. Thanks for watching!

        1. Hi Mike, That was a Great Dane from one of our house sits in Nosara.

          We got residency through the birth of our son, so it was por vínculo. We were here for a couple of years before we filed for residency.

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