Monteverde Hotel Guide

Monteverde may be a remote destination in Costa Rica, but once you arrive, you’ll find a long list of things to do and places to stay. In this post, we’ll help you sort through the many hotels in Monteverde so that you can find your perfect place in the cloud forest. We’ve stayed in each of the hotels below or toured them with a focus on our reader’s needs (i.e., cleanliness, noise, view, comfy beds, good food, etc.). Each offers something a little different and we hope we’ve included one that is right for you.


Monteverde Hotel Guide

General Info

There are a few things to know when considering hotels in Monteverde. First, most of the hotels are more rustic, lodge-style buildings, even the high-end ones. This fits in nicely with the comfortable, pastoral feel of the area. If you’re looking for lavish, modern accommodations, save it for your time at the beach. Second, most lodges do not have air conditioning because it really isn’t needed in Monteverde. Temperatures are usually very comfortable, averaging 19°C (66°F).

Finally, how the area is set up may help you decide on a hotel. Although most people refer to the entire area around the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve as Monteverde, there are actually two separate towns. One is Santa Elena, which has a small downtown, housing many local businesses. Santa Elena has mostly budget hotels and is a good option if you won’t have a rental car because there is a lot within walking distance. From Santa Elena, there is one main road that leads through the smaller town of Monteverde and ends at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Things in Monteverde, including hotels, are more spread out and there is no real town center. We give options in both towns below.

Hotels in Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica

Hotel Belmar

This was one of our favorite hotels in Monteverde. Hotel Belmar is a boutique hotel with Austrian architectural design. The rooms have modern finishes and beautiful wood throughout. The hotel values sustainability, which can be seen in everything from the efficiency measures to the farm-to-table restaurant. For those into craft beer, there is a small brewery on-site. Hotel Belmar is nicely located just outside downtown Santa Elena off the main road to Monteverde. $150-350, includes breakfast. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Hotel Belmar


Monteverde Lodge and Gardens

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens is one of the nicer hotels in Monteverde. Featuring well-appointed, large rooms with good cloud forest views, this small lodge would appeal to most travelers. Although Monteverde Lodge and Gardens is not far from the hustle and bustle of Santa Elena, the property is very secluded, with nicely landscaped grounds and elaborate gardens. There is even a butterfly garden in the lobby. $125-300, includes breakfast. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Downstairs Double Room with Forest View at Monteverde Lodge and Gardens


El Establo

El Establo is a solid mid-range option. This is a larger hotel with 155 rooms. The property sits on a steep hill and has outstanding views of the cloud forest. Rooms are spread out among different buildings. If you won’t have a car, they have a shuttle to take you to other parts of the property, including the on-site restaurant, spa, zip line, and pool. $200-300. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
View from a room balcony at El Establo


Los Pinos Cabanas

Los Pinos offers rustic, but clean and comfortable, wooden cabins. The cabins are spread out along the nicely forested property, making them feel quite private. Wildlife often can be seen scurrying along the surrounding trails. Cabins range from standard, which are good for couples, to much larger family cabins with separate bedrooms, living space, and kitchenettes. Located between Santa Elena and Monteverde. $80-150, includes breakfast. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
One of the smaller cabinas at Los Pinos


Hotel El Viandante

On our most recent visit to Monteverde, we stayed at Hotel El Viandante and really enjoyed it. This is a small lodge located just outside the main area of Santa Elena on a quiet side street. Rooms are large and simple, yet comfortable, with TV and heat (sometimes necessary on cooler nights in the cloud forest). The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. We got several great recommendations for restaurants from them. $50-75 double occupancy, includes breakfast. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Our room at Hotel El Viandante


Mar Inn

The Mar Inn is a good budget option in Santa Elena. This small B&B is in a local neighborhood, just a short walk to restaurants and shops in the downtown. Rooms are rustic but clean and spacious. $65-80 double occupancy. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Quadruple Room at Mar Inn


Bed and Breakfast Eddy’s Place

Not far from Mar Inn is Eddy’s Place. Also a small B&B, Eddy’s Place has five rooms and is a popular option in town. The hotel is locally owned, and the owner and staff go out of their way to ensure that you have a great stay. A made-to-order breakfast is included in the nightly rate. $70 double occupancy. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Bed and Breakfast Eddy’s Place


Cabinas Eddy B&B

Not to be confused with Eddy’s Place, Cabinas Eddy B&B is the owner’s other, more basic property. It has 18 rooms and is located on the other side of Santa Elena, very close to the downtown, on the main road out of town. The hotel offers three types of rooms: a basic room for around $35, larger double rooms for $50, and family-size rooms for $55-100. Most have private baths but a couple have shared if you’re looking to save some money. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Upstairs room at Cabinas Eddy B&B


Historias Lodge

Historias Lodge is another good budget option. This small hotel is locally owned by a friendly Tico and feels very authentic. Rooms are all set up a little differently but each has comfortable beds and a private bath. Historias Lodge is just off the main road going from Monteverde to Santa Elena on a quieter side street. $65-75 double occupancy, includes breakfast. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
Double Standard Room at Historias Lodge


Monteverde Inn

Monteverde Inn is a great choice for nature lovers. Not only does it neighbor the Monteverde Butterfly Garden, but it also has its own on-site trails through the private Valle Escondido Preserve. During our visit, we saw wildlife like a white-nosed coati (a raccoon-like animal) and lots of birds. The views from the property are also stunning, stretching all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Monteverde Inn has 18 rooms with various setups, including a romantic honeymoon house and a family house with 3 bedrooms. $40-75 double occupancy, breakfast included. Check Rates and Availability Here.


Monteverde Hotel Guide
View of the Gulf of Nicoya from Monteverde Inn


Those are our choices for hotels in Monteverde. Stay tuned for a complete destination guide to the best area activities, attractions, and restaurants.

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Have you stayed in one of these hotels or have others to recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know your experience (Email subscribers click here to post your comment online).

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  1. The problem with Monteverde – which I love like nowhere in CR outside Osa – is that there are so many options. I have stayed in numerous hotels not on your list, and some are clearly better than others. Any good guidebook for CR will give you its list of preferred hotels, at various price levels. (Yours tend to be high end.) Same for activities, such as ziplines, butterfly or reptile gardens, etc.

    1. Hi Paul, Monteverde does have a lot of options for hotels so we thought we would come out with this guide to help people. We have found that guidebooks are often out of date and don’t change their recommendations much from edition to edition so this gives people another resource. Thanks for reading.

  2. We stayed in the 2 bedroom apartment at Mariposa B&B. Great for families. Full kitchen, 2 bedrooms with in suite baths, and a large wrap around balcony facing the trees. Breakfast was cooked to order and delicious. Close to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Highly recommended.

    Love your posts! Keep ‘m comin!

    Denise Badger
    Jaco, CR

  3. Hi, Thank you for your helpful and informative posts!
    We have just stayed in Santa Elena “centre” (Arco Iris) for 3 nights (5.4.-8.4.2018) and barely got any sleep. The lodge is extremely nice, clean, friendly and all, but there is loud music and partying going on in town almost all night long, echoing from the hill-sides, penetrating closed windows. No-one staying within up to a kilometre can escape it. Questioning with reception they say it is a very regular problem with a group of locals which was addressed to the police many times but they just smile and nothing happens. It can really spoil your time in the lovely Monteverde area even if you manage to negotiate a discount on your lodging rate. Our recommendation: avoid the beds in town and try to stay some distance away from Santa Elena.

    1. Hi Lars, Sorry to hear that. We hadn’t heard about noise at this particular hotel but the main area of Santa Elena can be noisy. Thanks for sharing your experience and helping other people.

  4. Do you have any suggestions that are safe for a solo female traveler? I am but nervous that most these options are lodged or cabins and easily accessible for someone to break in.

    1. Hi Sherry, Monteverde is a very peaceful town and we have never heard of anyone having problems with break ins there so try not to worry too much. Most of the lodging in this area is cabin-style, but maybe something like Cabinas Eddy would be better for you. This is a more traditional style hotel with 2 levels.

  5. Hi – thanks for this blog. I’m wondering how the areas north of San Jose – Monteverde, Arenal,differ. I looked at two rec’d hotels – Finca Luna Nueva and Villa Blanca – Neither are super close to Monte Verde. Will these still be naturey with hiking accessible, or will these be surrounded by farms and cleared off mountains? We are visiting for the first time for a week with our 2 year old. We’re hoping for 2-3 nights in a “naturey” area that is super beautiful and has hiking/waterfalls, etc, and then 3-4 nights at laid back beach (haven’t picked coast yet).

    Are those two hotels too far from the actual nature parks?

    1. Hi Jenny, We haven’t been to Villa Blanca but it looks to be in a remote area without much around. Finca Luna Nueva is about a half hour from La Fortuna. With a 2 year old, I think I’d pick a hotel closer to La Fortuna (there are still good options closer to amenities but set in the rainforest). That way, you will be near hikes and waterfalls and won’t have to spend a ton of time in the car. Check out our La Fortuna Hotel Guide for some recommendations.

  6. Hi, Jenn and Matt. Do any of these accommodations have bath tubs? We have small kiddos and bathtubs are just SO much easier for bath time. It seems like they’re really hard to find in CR. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melissa, Yes, tubs can be hard to find. You can find them at higher end hotels usually. Otherwise, you could just buy a tub at Walmart in San Jose when you arrive or you can get one of those big round plastic tubs just about anywhere.

  7. Hi Jenn & Matt,

    We are visiting Monteverde on our way to Manuel Antonio, and are trying to decide between staying at Hotel Fonda Vela or Camino Verde B&B. We are a family of 4 with 2 adults & 2 children (15 & 11). Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Deepthi, Fonda Vela is way out by the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve so farther from town to get to restaurants, etc. Camino Verde is right outside Santa Elena and is a good option. I think I’d go with that with kids for the convenience.

  8. We are staying at Tilajari Hotel. We plan on taking a day trip to a hot spring. What are your thoughts on Tabacon or Paradise. There is a significant cost difference, what do you think?

    1. Hi Dan, Just so others are not confused, we are talking about a hotel near La Fortuna/Arenal and the hot springs in that area, not in Monteverde.

      Tabacaon and Paradise both have a nice hot springs experience. The main difference is that Tabacon is higher end, with lush, well-manicured gardens. It has a nicely done buffet. It also has more hot spring pools. Paradise is a lot less expensive and you still get the hot springs experience. It’s not but it doesn’t feel as luxe. So it depends on what you’re looking for.

  9. Hello and thank you for your great information. I’m currently trying to decide between Hotel Belmar and Monteverde Lodge and Gardens. This is for July 2021. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  10. Hi ,we are staying in Manuel Antonio and we have booking for hot springs but inbetween that we are planning to stay in Monteverde what do you recommed?What some wow experience and some different kind of place than regular hotel.Thanks

    1. Hi Ravee, We really like Hotel Belmar, which we have in this article. It has beautiful architecture and a small feel. Many rooms have nice cloud forest views. There’s also Hidden Canopy Treehouses, which people like because it’s a unique experience.

  11. Are the roads to Hotel Belmar drivable with a regular sedan? We are thinking of breaking up our drive between Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo with a night in Monteverde…. would get there afternoon, do a night time tour in the jungle… maybe do the cloud forest bridges the next morning then head out…. but we are renting a regular sedan for the trip…. thanks!

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